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Impovement Activities

Product Service Work Structure
Zero Defect Incident Rate Activity based on PIM
With the adoption of the PIM (Performance Innovation Management) method, a management technique, a project to pursue the stability of blade product quality at the manufacturing factory was started from January 2005. Aiming for zero defects (zero defect incident rate), all the manufacturing staff participated in the project, which has produced sound results and contributed to a stable supply to the customer.
PBET Technique CE Training System
DISCO has introduced the customer engineer training program, which adopts the PBET (Performance Based Equipment Training) technique. The program, which is based on the cooperation of the Service Department, Technical Department and Training Department, is being made available to affiliates in turn, to produce customer engineers with sound technical skills.
Service Department Unification (Domestic)
Due to the merger and unification of DISCO Engineering Service, which has been a separate service company up to now, cooperation with sales and the technical departments have increased. Joint projects and frequent meetings will be held to provide a higher quality of service based on an integrated sales and service organization.
CE Application Technology Training
To improve the "Kiru/Kezuru/Migaku" application technology skill of customer engineers, which mainly perform repair and maintenance services on mechanical equipment, DISCO has started the "CE Application Training" program. This training, which will be carried out every week, will be deployed sequentially throughout DISCO and will focus on application proposals at the customer site.
Customer Satisfaction

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