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Customer Satisfaction

Customer Satisfaction Survey Results

2005 DISCO Customer Satisfaction Survey
Survey Overview
This is the fifth year that the Customer Satisfaction questionnaire has been conducted and this year DISCO had 1196 respondents. This is 1.46 times more than the number of responses that were received last year. As a result of significantly changing the structure of the questionnaire form, more specific needs and evaluations were received.
Approximately 40% of the respondents felt that “DISCO was better than last year,” however when asked “was DISCO able to contribute according to customers’ expectation?”, most replied “not yet.” In particular, a large number of respondents were dissatisfied regarding the support when trouble caused by the use of dicing blades and grinding wheels occurred. The number of respondents with this view has been large in previous questionnaires; as a result DISCO has started implementing improvement activities. Every year the satisfaction with this support has tended to improve, however DISCO has re-acknowledged that it is not yet satisfactory. To make greater strides, DISCO has decided to address this matter in the “2006 CS Policy” as this year’s priority subject.
Many respondents also requested information about such as “solutions regarding process quality improvement and further running cost reduction.” DISCO is starting from April to implement activities that will set numerical targets to deliver beneficial information for customers’ production activities.
A large number of requests and advice regarding equipment specifications were also received. The ones that can be implemented into installed equipment will be provided when required. Otherwise, DISCO intends to include them in minor model changes or next generation products.
Purpose of the Survey This survey aims to understand how DISCO has been evaluated by customers and to provide feedback of customers' needs.
Content of the Survey This survey asks for levels of customers' satisfaction and for comments on DISCO products and services.
Subject of the Survey The user of DISCO products.
Survey area Asia, EU, Japan, and U.S.A.
Survey method This survey uses the Internet (using facsimile and E-mail in part) to ask customers to answer specific questions or write their comments freely.
Language Chinese(Simplified), Chinese(Traditional), English, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Korean
Survey period 2005/10/11-2005/10/31
Number of respondents 1196
Response ratio 47.9%
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Customer Satisfaction

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