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General Information

Leaders in the building of the DISCO of today
DISCO was founded in 1937 (the 12th year of Showa). The following are the leaders who have guided DISCO from a small abrasive wheel manufacturer to its present position.
Mitsuo Sekiya (deceased in 1989)
Founded “Dai-Ichi Seitosho Company, Ltd.” the predecessor of DISCO
1937 - 1985 Representative Director, President
1985 - 1989 Chairman
Shinji Sekiya
1985 - 1998 Representative Director, Executive Vice President
1998 - 2000 Representative Director, Vice Chairman
2008 - Director Emeritus*
Kenichi Sekiya
1984 - 1985 Representative Director, Executive Vice President
1985 - 1998 Representative Director, President
1998 - 2001 Representative Director, Chairman, President & CEO
2001 - 2006 Representative Director, Chairman & CEO
2006 - 2008 Honorary Chairman
2008 - Director Emeritus*
* Director Emeritus
This title is given to a person who, the Board of Directors has determined, has contributed significantly to the development of DISCO for many years.

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