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Environmental Data

Environmental Performance Data Scope 3: Calculation results
As part of earth-conscious activities, We are promoting resource saving (reduction of energy and water etc.) and reduction of carbon dioxide and waste. Although the total amount has increased due to the increase in sales (production volume) in recent years, the specific consumption has been improved due to the efficiency of facilities and work processes and resource saving activities.
As well as legitimate business activities, we incorporate environmental management systems (ISO14001) to continuously improve environmental performance.
Input Data
 Total Energy Input
 Water input
・  The data covers Japan sites and overseas affiliates.
・  Fossil fuels consists of LPG, city gas, LNG, gasoline, diesel, Kerosene.
・  Specific consumption is the total energy consumption divided by consolidated sales.
・  The data covers Japan sites and overseas affiliates.
・  Recycled water is the water regenerated by wastewater treatment equipment.
・  Specific consumption is the amount of supply water divided by consolidated sales.
Output Data
 Total Waste Generation
 Greenhouse Gas Emissions
・  The data covers Japan sites.
・  Recycled waste is the waste that is recycled and does not include landfilled waste.
・  Specific consumption is the total amount of waste divided by consolidated sales.
・  The data covers Japan sites and overseas affiliates.
・  The greenhouse gas emissions are described in terms of CO2 equivalent.
・  Others are greenhouse gases of non-energy origin such as CFC, HCFC, SF6.
・  Fossil fuels consist of LPG, city gas, LNG, gasoline, diesel, Kerosene.
・  Specific consumption is the total greenhouse gas emissions divided by consolidated sales.
 Emissions of Ozone-Depleting Substances

Amount of emissions (t)
(CFC-11 equivalent)
・ The data covers Japan sites in FY 2017.
・ It is mainly air conditioner refrigerant (CFC, HCFC, etc.)
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Results of Environmental Activities
Environmental Audit Results
Environmental Management System Audit
Outside audits Non-conformance 0
Opportunities for improvement 0
Internal audits Improvement proposals 8
・ The data covers Japan sites in FY 2017.
Environmental Accidents/Complaints
Category Number
Legal infractions 0
Accidents 2
Complaints 0
・ The data covers Japan sites in FY 2017.
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Water Quality Measurements
Item Regulatory Value
(Sewerage Law in Japan)
Analysis Result
Head Office/R&D Center Kure Plant Kuwabata Plant
pH 5 - 9 7.5 8.5 7.1
BOD 600 20 20 15
Suspended particles 600 23 122 24
n-Hexane extracts 5 ND 1.7 1.4
Iodine consumption 220 ND ND ND
Cadmium 0.1 ND ND ND
Cyan 1 ND ND ND
Lead 0.1 ND ND ND
Chromium 2 ND ND ND
Hexavalent chromium 0.5 ND ND ND
Arsenic 0.1 0.03 ND ND
Mercury 0.005 ND ND ND
Polychlorinated biphenyl 0.003 ND ND ND
Trichloroethylene 0.3 ND ND ND
Tetrachloroethylene 0.1 ND ND ND
Carbon tetrachloride 0.02 ND ND ND
Benzene 0.1 ND ND ND
Phenol 5 ND ND ND
Copper 3 ND ND ND
Zinc 2 ND 0.2 0.1
Dissolved iron 10 ND ND ND
Dissolved manganese 10 ND ND ND
Fluorine compounds 15 ND 2.2 1.0
Boron 230 ND 16 4
Total nitrogen 240 9 ND ND
・ The units are mg/L (excluding pH).
・ ND ("not detected") indicates less than the detectable lower limit or none contained.
・ The data covers the results of the analysis in FY 2017.
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Chemical Substance Management
Hiroshima Works Pollutant Release Transfer Register (PRTR) Reporting (kg/year)
Designated Chemical Substance HCFC-225 HMTA Nickel Nickel Compounds Phenol Boron Compounds
Number of PRTR 185 258 308 309 349 405
Amount discharged A. Discharged into atmosphere 6,905 0 0 0 322 0
B. Discharged into public waters 0 0 0 0 0 0
C. Discharged into facility soil
(other than D)
0 0 0 0 0 0
D. Disposed at facility landfill 0 0 0 0 0 0
Amount transferred A. Transferred to sewage system 0 0 23 646 0 1,129
B. Transferred to outside facility
(Other than A)
2,302 544 0 130 218 1
・ The data covers Hiroshima Works (Kure Plant and Kuwabata Plant) in FY 2017.
Reporting Pursuant to Tokyo Environmental Regulations (kg/year)
Appropriately Managed
Chemical Substance
Nickel Compounds Sulfuric Acid
Number 42 57
Amount used 407 211
Manufactured amount 0 0
Shipped as product 0 0
Discharged in environment 0 0
Atmosphere 0 0
Public waters 0 0
Other 0 0
Transferred outside facility 407 211
Waste 407 211
Wastewater (sewage) 0 0
・ The data covers the Head office and R&D Center in FY 2017.
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