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Environmental Data

Environmental Performance Data Scope 3: Calculation results
(Fiscal Year 2017)
With the increasing severity of the global climate change problem, corporations have been asked to be aware of not only the quantity of their own greenhouse gas emissions,but also the quantity of emissions along their entire supply chain. Since FY2014, in accordance with guidelines from the Ministry of the Environment, the amount of greenhouse gas emissions generated by entire supply chain (Scope 1~3) has been calculated annually.
Through investigation, it was discovered that DISCO’s entire supply chain generated roughly 959,051 tons of CO2 (Scope 1~3) in FY2017. The other company’s CO2 emissions related to business activities (Scope 3) was roughly 911,375 tons.
The majority of emissions came from the “use of sold goods,” which made up approximately 91% of total emissions.
In the future, we will aim to use the results of these investigations to share information with related stakeholders and promote the planning and development of new energy saving products in order to push towards a reduction in greenhouse gas emissions across our entire supply chain.
Scope 3 - Calculations by category
Category Inclusion
1 Purchased goods and services Yes
2 Capital goods Yes
3 Fuel and energy related activities
Not including Scope 1 & 2
4 Shipping and delivery (upstream) Yes
5 Waste products from business activities Yes
6 Business travel Yes
7 Employee commute Yes
8 Leased assets (upstream) No
9 Shipping and delivery (downstream) Yes
10 Processing of sold goods No
11 Use of sold goods Yes
12 Disposal of sold goods Yes
13 Leased assets (downstream) Yes
14 Franchise No
15 Investment No
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