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Dry Polishing Wheel and Poligrind
Presently, market need is mounting for thinner internal devices as cell phones and other devices become increasingly thin, compact and highly functional. In order to strengthen chips, which tend to break more readily as they become thinner, it is necessary to reduce damage from grinding (fracture layer) that occurs inside the wafer. This process is called stress relief and the general methods for accomplishing this are chemical mechanical polishing (CMP), which uses chemical agents like slurry and etching.
Stress-relief Technology that does not Use Chemicals: Dry Polishing Wheel
For the stress-relief process, we have developed a dry polishing wheel that does not use chemicals. This has the result of reducing environmental impact, as it is a dry process that does not use water, slurry, or other chemicals.
Grinding Technology that Minimizes the Depth of Damage by the Fixed Abrasive: Poligrind
By developing the Poligrind wheel, it is possible to minimize the depth of damage  when grinding using fixed abrasive.
Using absolutely no chemicals, Poligrind carries out processing with coolant water only.
It is a revolutionary grinding wheel that achieves energy conservation and reduces environmental impact while satisfying the needs of the market.
NM bond for grinding wheels
According to the survey on the content of DISCO restricted substances in the materials we procure, we have found that some of the precision processing tooling contains lead. We conducted an examination using the wheel with NM bond in which lead added materials are used. The result was that the amount of lead transferred to the workpiece is minute and within the threshold value of the RoHS Directives.
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