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Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)

Life Cycle Assessment

Environmental Considerations in Precision Processing Tooling
Conducting Lifecycle Assessment (LCA)*1
We have calculated that over 95% of the energy expenditure of precision processing equipment during its lifecycle takes place while the equipment is in use. We are therefore working to make the equipment more energy efficient by measuring its carbon dioxide emissions during use.

Comparative LCA for the DFD6361 and DFD6362
The current model, the DFD6362, is the successor to the DFD6361. Comparing the previous model energy expenditure of both models in processing one 5 mm die, the DFD6362 reduces carbon dioxide emissions by 10% or more*2. The environmental efficiency of the DFD6362 was improved by its air saving design, making its electrical parts more energy efficient and accelerating work processes.

CO2 Emissions Per Die
*1 LCA stands for lifecycle assessment. It is a method for assessing the impact of a product on the environment throughout its entire lifecycle, from procurement of raw materials to manufacturing, transport, use and disposal.
*2 Values may vary based on individual conditions
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