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R&D: Creating Future Value
We continue to push the boundaries into uncharted areas of our Kiru, Kezuru and Migaku technologies by actively utilizing original and creative ideas.
Major R&D Center in Tokyo
DISCO's Head Office/R&D Center is located in the Omori region of Tokyo, which has easy access to Haneda Airport as well as Shinagawa Station, where the Shinkansen stops. The site was chosen for our R&D center to be more convenient for our customers to visit us for technological discussions. The content of these early engagements provides a major source of ideas for DISCO's next generation of R&D, and represents a valuable asset to our company.
An R&D Environment that Places Importance on Inspiration and a Challenge
Building B in the Head Office/R&D Center is primarily our R&D facility. This places our engineers' desks adjacent to the area where the R&D equipment is located. The creation of an environment that allows for an immediate examination of the engineers' inspiration using close-by equipment enables DISCO to continue to provide invaluable creative solutions and products even in the rapidly changing semiconductor industry.
Turning Customer Needs into Innovation
What our customers want is not the product itself, but the processing solutions, and we at DISCO place great importance on this approach. Testing helps determine whether the solutions required by our customers can be realized. This testing takes place in the application laboratories of not only our Head Office/R&D Center, but also in our branch, affiliate and agent offices worldwide, which create stronger relationships of trust with our customers. The cycle that contributes to the processing results provides DISCO with a high level of expertise and know-how, and the accumulation of this knowledge helps us to respond to even more complex requirements.

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