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SEMICON Japan 2010

Exhibition Information

The DISCO booth at this year's SEMICON will focus on our leading-edge dicing solutions, laser technology, and wafer thinning processes, with products that contribute to the improvement of productivity, remarkable applications for high brightness LED, and the processing of non-silicon materials.
We will also be the showcasing of our actual systems and products, including precision processing tools and deionized water recycling system.
By corner By product
In the laser technology corner, you will find applications for expanding needs, such as processing of non-silicon materials (glass, CuW), and ablation of wafers with low-k film, in a display of DISCO machines and samples.
In the LED corner, you can see samples in the manufacture of high brightness LED, such as fully cut metal materials (Cu, molybdenum).
In the Kiru (cutting) corner, cutting technology will be introduced centering on the DFD6760 Fully Automatic Dicing Saw that realizes higher productivity with two processing tables, with a display of this machine, precision processing tools, and processing samples.
In the corner for wafer thinning technology, we will display a grinder/polisher and mounter in-line system that achieves the stable processing of thin wafers.
By inspecting extremely thin 5-micron wafers or studying applications for TSV, for example, visitors will be most welcome to see for themselves how DISCO’s wafer thinning solutions will work for them.
Actual dicing blades and grinding wheels as well as process samples will be on view.
An ample product line-up, which can satisfy various processing needs, such as processing of difficult-to-grind materials (silicon and SiC) and package processing, will be displayed.
Some of the many different solutions developed by DISCO will be exhibited according to their objectives which range from the TAIKO process, particle removal and the processing of hard and brittle materials.
DISCO will also exhibit its cutting and planarization solutions using byte grinding, for processing of LED phosphors. Dicing and grinding technologies that involve ultrasonic wave processing will be showcased.
The deionized water recycling unit, which realizes a 99.8% water recycling rate (zero wastewater), will be on view. A team of experienced consultants will be on hand in the Processing Consultation corner to address various inquires related to cutting and grinding.
Note: Please note that the exhibits may change without notice.

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