December 2, 2011 Introducing the DAD3360 Automatic Dicing Saw with extended support for 300 mm wafers New!
November 24, 2011 Introducing the energy saving DTU1540 Water Temperature Control Unit New!
  DISCO Has Developed Technology for Separating and Recovering Silicon Sludge from Grinder Wastewater New!
November 21, 2011 New Addition to the Stealth Dicing Laser Saws for 300 mm Wafers.
Introducing the DFL7360FH with Ring Frame Handling Specification
November 17, 2011 Introducing the DFD6560: Ultra-compact Fully Automatic Dicing Saw for 300 mm wafers New!
November 15, 2011 Announcing the ultra high precision DFS8960 surface planer which supports 300 mm wafers