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April 25, 2005
DISCO Develops New Dicing Saw Spindle with Ultrasonic Technology

Ota Ward, Tokyo, Japan, April 25, 2005-DISCO has developed a new dicing saw spindle that uses ultrasonic waves to improve the process quality of cutting-edge applications for electronic components, optical components, and other advanced devices and materials. The ultrasonic spindle is available as an option for Automatic Dicing Saw DAD3350 (see photo), and DISCO also plans to make the technology available for other models in its extensive dicer lineup.

Background of development
In addition to semiconductor wafers, automatic dicing saws now process a growing variety of materials, including ceramics for electronic components and quartz and other glasses for optical devices. Until now, these tough-to-dice materials have typically been processed with resin-bond blades, which trade off effective cutting for slower feed speeds and shorter blade life.

For improved support of these tough, brittle materials, DISCO's new spindle transmits ultrasonic waves through a metal-bond dicing blade. The result is effective, high-quality cutting at faster feed speeds and with longer blade life. (Results are dependent on materials and applications. For details on which materials can be processed with the ultrasonic spindle and metal-bond blades, please contact the Marketing Communications Team.)

Merits of Ultrasonic Processing

• Able to process a wider range of materials with metal-bond blades (for example, #2000 metal-bond blades for quartz and crystal; #1000 metal-bond blades for alumina, steel plate, etc.).
1. Able to use thinner blades
2. Higher process quality (through the use of finer grits)
3. Higher feed speeds (owing to lower processing loads)
4. Longer blade life

Processing example
Workpiece: quartz
Ultrasonic off
Cut speed : 1mm/sec
Ultrasonic on
Cut speed : 6mm/sec
• Reduced blade clogging.
The ultrasonic waves help prevent tape adhesive, wafer metals, and other substances from coating the diamond grit and clogging the blade.
• Reduced blade dulling
In a phenomenon called "dulling," the grit in blades with strong bond can wear down to the blade edge without being replaced by new grit from below. Ultrasonic waves, however, can help prevent blade dulling and improve process quality.
Ultrasonic off Ultrasonic on
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