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Discontinued Machines List

The machines listed below are those that have been Discontinued or whose date of Discontinuation have been established. DISCO's policy is to guarantee the supply of spare parts for seven years after the Discontinuation of a machine. After this period, DISCO will continue to supply spare parts for as long as circumstances permit, yet can make no guarantee of their availability. A part supply status of "Partial availability" indicates we will supply only as long as parts are on-hand.

For further information about Discontinuation dates, please contact your DISCO sales or service representative.

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Model Discontinuation Date Parts Supply Status
DAE220 Jun. 1996 No longer available
DCS140 Mar. 1999 Partial availability
DCS141 Mar. 2008 Partial availability
DCS-6 Jul. 1994 No longer available
DFM-A150 Jun. 1991 No longer available
DFM-A150DI Jul. 1994 No longer available
DFM-M150 Mar. 2000 Partial availability
DFM-M200 Apr. 2000 Partial availability
DFM-S150 Mar. 2000 Partial availability
DFT240 Jan. 2003 Partial availability
DMM080 Mar. 1998 No longer available
DMU210 Jun. 2001 Partial availability
DSM060 Jul. 2000 Partial availability
DSM080 Jun. 1999 Partial availability
DTU150 Mar. 2000 Partial availability
DTU151 Sep. 2002 Partial availability
DTU1530 Dec. 2004 Partial availability
DTU160 Oct. 1998 No longer available
DTU170 Sep. 2001 Partial availability
DWT-13R Mar. 1992 No longer available
DWT-13R2 Mar. 2004 Partial availability
DWT-19DI Mar. 1995 No longer available
DWT-19E Mar. 2003 Partial availability
DWR1720 Jul. 2012 Available
DWR1721 Aug. 2016 Available
DFM2700 Dec. 2015 Available
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