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SDS R07 Series

SDS Confirmation Procedure
The SDS(R07) can be checked using the following methods.
1. Prepare the product or its package to be checked. In this case the R07 Series.
2. Confirm that the product number starting with R07 is entered.
e.g. R07-SDC600-BB100-75 56x0.15A2x40
3. Confirm the bond type, and then select the corresponding number on the abovementioned page.
e.g. R07-SDC600-BB100-75 56x0.15A2x40
Select BB100
Select the product number from listing below.
BB100 BB200 BB300 BB500
In the below cases, please contact us from here.
  • If you could not find SDS file.
  • It is not disclosed.
  • Customer Support

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