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[Nov, 16, 2017]11월15일 한국에서 발생 한 지진에 의한 영향은 없습니다.
[Nov, 10, 2017]Impact on DISCO's Products from Improper Conduct by Kobe Steel, Ltd.
[Nov, 8, 2017]DISCO's operations will not be affected by the recent heavy rain and flooding in Penang and Malaysia.
[Oct, 25, 2017]Decision for Further Expansion of Kuwabata Plant in Order to Enhance Production System of Precision Processing Tools
[Sep, 13, 2017]KABRA process website updated.
[Jul, 31, 2017]Establishment of Nagano Works Chino Plant
[Jul, 18, 2017]Exhibition at IC China 2017 (Oct. 25-27)
Exhibition at SEMICON Taiwan 2017 (Sep. 13-15)
[Jun, 22, 2017]Exhibition at SEMICON West 2017 (July. 11-13)
[May, 24, 2017]Notice for Change in Role of Managing Director
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