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Training Services
Training Services
DISCO offers several types of training to help customers maximize product understanding and equipment uptime. Operation and maintenance training can be especially valuable when new equipment is added, or new staff welcomed, to the production line.
Precision Tools Trouble Shooting
Precision Tools Trouble Shooting
DISCO has prepared some cautions and tips for how to handle the equipment appropriately when using our precision tools.
Please refer to this information if you suspect any issues with the equipment or notice anything unusual.
Customer Equipment Improvement Information (CSMDC)
Design Change Notification
Customer equipment improvement information (CSMDC) is provided for the stable operation of DISCO products. Please confirm the serial number (MFG. No.) and M-Code of the equipment that you are using and input the information to use the search system.
A Useful Improvement Infomation
To Achieve a Better Process Condition
In order to get the best processing results, we need to create the conditions that allow each product to exert its full potential. DISCO provides information on how to improve applications, so that our customers can get the best processing results by using our products under the most appropriate conditions.
After-Sales Service
After-Sales Service
DISCO’s experienced Customer Engineers provide convenient and reliable on-site maintenance and repairs, while DISCO’s parts supply and parts repair services help keep equipment running in top condition.
Equipment Refurbishment
Inspection Sheet Check
DISCO is running an equipment buy-back, refurbishment, and used equipment sales service in order for customers to continually use DISCO's equipment.
The same as when purchasing new equipment, we have established a comprehensive support system to provide favorable processing results to customers.
Inspection Sheet Search
Inspection Sheet Check
DISCO has made the production inspection sheet of the product which you purchased available on our Web site, so that you can use DISCO precision processing tool with more confidence. Also, by reducing the printed inspection sheets conventionally included with our products, DISCO is making the effort to consider the environmental impact.
Inspection Sheet Search For HogoMax
Inspection Sheet Check For HogoMax
Inspection sheet for HogoMax is available online.
DISCO will enhance the scope of products for this service, and in consideration of reducing environmental impact, promote the service in order to reduce the amount of paper previously used for inspection sheets attached to the product and/or included in the packaging.
Equipment Recycling Service
Equipment Recycling Service
To promote the 3 R's (reduce, reuse, recycle), DISCO collects and recycles its used equipment from customers for a modest fee. To perform this service, DISCO has received qualification from the Ministry of the Environment as a Nationwide Recycler of Designated Industrial Refuse.
Certificate of Non-use of DISCO Restricted Substances
Non-use of Restricted Substances Certificate Issuance System
In response to the green procurement of our customers, it is possible to print out, in a timely manner, the "Certificate of Non-Use of DISCO-specified Use Limit Substances", for the precision processing tools which we have clarified do not include the use limited substances (15 substances) as specified by DISCO.
SDS is the abbreviation for the Safety Data Sheet. In order to safely use the product or chemical substances, it is designed to provide information concerning product hazard, procedures for handling, storing, first aid, transport and disposal. (Unless stated otherwise, SDS are in accordance with the Japanese Environmental Law only.)
Discontinued Machines List
Discontinued Machines List
This list includes both machines already Discontinued and those whose future dates of Discontinuation have been established. In addition to the dates of Discontinuation, the list provides the dates until which spare parts supply is guaranteed for each machine.
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고객 서비스

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