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Continually Evolving Monozukuri
The spirit of monozukuri that has been with us from the very beginning is evident throughout our manufacturing process.
DISCO's Origin is in Monozukuri *
DISCO was established as a grinding wheel manufacturer originally named Dai-Ichi Seitosho in the city of Kure, Hiroshima Prefecture in 1937. Although our products have evolved, our stance regarding monozukuri to respond to customers' needs and continue to provide them with true and lasting satisfaction has continued unchanged since the first day. DISCO works out of four different production sites including three in its city of inception, Kure, and one in Chino City in Nagano Prefecture.
* Craftsmanship, pride in manufacturing
Producing Custom-built Products
Although DISCO's equipment comes with standard specifications, most customers require customization for their specific processing needs. Several of DISCO's departments and divisions, such as sales, engineering, purchasing, manufacturing and applications, collaborate to ensure that the specifications requested by the customers are precisely reflected in our products. Particularly when it comes to the important components that directly affect the processing results, we at DISCO make continuing efforts to increase the in-house manufacturing ratio to allow us to provide our customers with a more reliable product.
Creating Customer Delight via Our Evolving Activities
Even at the manufacturing site, we actively utilize PIM* activities that are being developed and expanded throughout the company. Our zero defect activities in blade manufacturing and reduction of assembly man-hours in equipment manufacturing have directly contributed to customer satisfaction in terms of faster delivery of products and a stable supply.
* PIM: Performance Innovation Management
This specifically refers to a program where each department or division sets targets based on the desired future state. The group subsequently looks back over short periods of time to detect any gaps between the targets and the current state in an effort to obtain Kizuki ("lightbulb" moment) for the end purpose of evolving. Visibility of the targets and current state via the abundant use of notices, posters, and Post-it notes encourages all of us to increase our awareness in our daily activities.

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